Paleo Challenge


I should have maybe been blogging through the whole 28 day challenge, but whatever.

Today is the officially the last day of four weeks of a Paleo Challenge, hosted by my CrossFit gym, CrossFit SoCo.

In a nutshell, I agreed to give up dairy, grains (rice, wheat, corn, etc), seeds, legumes, seeds, alcohol and added sugar for the month. We had a point system, and any transgression in a category led to a one point loss for the day.

In the end, I gave up a point for alcohol 5 times. And one for grains, which I regretted later, referred to now as “The Popcorn Incident”.

The first week was hell. The sugar withdrawal alone made me super, super cranky and irritable. I snapped. I yelled. I apologized. The boys whispered to their friends, “My mom is on a Paleo diet,” with the implication that I should not be crossed. “She can only eat meat, fruit and vegetables – that’s *it*!”

The second week, I felt somewhat better, but my performance in the gym suffered pretty much until the end of the second week.

Also, in the end, I dropped 1.3% bodyfat, down to 16.7%, and somehow lost about 3 lbs, down to 122.4.


Tuesday, we will do the benchmark workout Helen, which we did the 1st day of the challenge. I’m curious to see how my performance will be affected. I also started the SoCo Performance programming this month, and that will definitely be a factor as well.

I’ll try to blog more regularly this year. See how things go.