My First CrossFit Competition!


Competed in my first ever CrossFit competition at CrossFit Elevation yesterday. AMAZING. 3 brutal WODs in one day, 2 hours apart. I held my own against those young’uns. Not sure of final standings, but 7/17 and 10/17 overall for the first two WODs.

1st WOD went well for me. Didn’t get enough fuel afterwards and bonked on the 2nd WOD (f’in thrusters!) but powered through. Choked down not enough food before the 3rd WOD. Fell during the 1st part of the 3rd WOD, but recovered and finished. Clearly I must learn more about fueling for WODs.

So awesome to have so many familiar faces there. Stefanie (thank you for posting about this event) from CrossFit SoCo took 1st place – loved having her next to me in the same heat. Got tips from Neil and Tommy who did the WODs first. Got encouragement & coaching from Sean. Eric made me eat, hydrate, acted as my videographer, personal trainer, physical therapist and my #1 fan.

Met some awesome, awesome people from CrossFit Elevation who welcomed us into their gym & community.

I may never step foot on that winner’s podium, but I left there feeling accomplished and absolutely sure that I gave it my all and then some. Absolutely amazing day!